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Clare Niederpruem is on the fast track to stardom. She recently starred opposite Danny Trejo in Zombie Hunter and James Marsters and Kaitlin Doubleday in Dudes & Dragons. She has had supporting roles in the Lifetime original movie The Mentor, starring Aaron Douglas, and the fantasy series Mythica, starring Kevin Sorbo. She adds the perfect touch of vulnerability and sensitivity to Nocturne with her raw and honest portrayal of Jo.

Hailey Nebeker is a unique talent with experience behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera. Hailey has worked with several theatre groups, such as PG Players and the Grassroots Shakespeare Co, including parts in Wait Until Dark and Steel Magnolias. She has also stepped behind the scenes to direct  A Midsummer Night's Dream with The Echo Theatre. Hailey brings a hauntingly sweet and devastatingly sensitive spirit to Nocturne.

Colton Tran is a true lover of horror. He has directed and produced many of his own horror movies (Unpleasantville, Monstrosity, 4, Gloom), and because of that he was able to bring a completely unique touch to Nocturne. While many of the team were experiencing horror for the first time, he was ready to plunge head first into the project. His sweet and gentle portrayal of Liam will have the audience rooting for him.

Jake Stormoen is as hardworking and talented as they come.

Besides being a lead in the successful Mythica series, starring Kevin Sorbo, he also recently landed a supporting role in War Pigs working alongside Luke Goss, Dolph Lundgren, and Mickey Rourke. From start to finish, Jake understood the Nocturne vision and brought a level of nuance to the character of Gabe that even the writer's couldn't have imagined.

Melanie Stone is a beautiful and accomplished actress that is already the star of her own series. Melanie plays opposite Kevin Sorbo in the Mythica series, and she recently had a supporting role opposite Dolph Lundgren in Riot. Melanie takes her character to the next level in Nocturne with her stunning balance of conceit and vulnerability.

Darien Willardson may be young, but he is already on his way to the top. Among many other acting accomplishments, he recently landed a supporting role in Robert Duvall's Wild Horses, starring James Franco and Josh Hartnett. In Nocturne, he took the character of Isaac and showed us that the stereotypical jock can have a lot of substance and heart.

Though film is a recent endeavor for him, Corey Sondrup has found that his strong presence and memorable disposition have created a steady stream of work for him. He has recently landed roles in the upcoming Code of Honor starring Steven Seagal, and Independence Day: Resurgence starring Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum. Corey's portrayal of Hank brings a unique intensity to Nocturne.

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