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Katy Baldwin is the founder of Petty Cash Pictures and has been involved with various types of projects over the last decade. From short to feature films, Katy loves a good story, and when the Shimeks pitched Nocturne to her, she knew she had to do whatever she could to get it made. Katy is no stranger to writing or producing and brought her own unique style to the Nocturne team.

Stephen Shimek is an award winning director and producer and co- founder of the independent film production company, Escapology. With a background in television and visual effects, his experience, drive, and unique perspective, combined with a masterful eye for visual storytelling, bring a fresh and exciting energy to every project he’s involved in. Nocturne is Stephen’s sixth feature film and proved a unique and exciting exploration of the dark, mysterious, and terrifying.

Kristi Shimek is a co-founder of the independent film production company, Escapology, and she has served as the producer on multiple feature films. Her credits include award-winning films such as The Maze, RoboRex, and Dudes & Dragons. Her many years in post-production also give her a unique advantage in taking a film from start to finish. Kristi is an avid horror fan, and Nocturne has given her the chance to prove that horror can be more than blood splatters and jump scares.

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